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What makes the 3DMono Technology special?

With our 3DMono technique it is possible to update the sound of a mono recording without altering the artistically intension which makes it easier to fit our newer recordings. It is also an Ideal way to give an stereo recording just that extra mojo needed.


For which market is 3DMono intended?

The technique is available for anyone but our focus lays with studios, recording artists, music, film and television industry.


When will the technology be available?

It will be officially available at the beginning of 2016


Why did you choose Elvis Presley for the CD sampler?

We liked the story behind the release of the Elvis’ Christmas Album.
It resembles our situation. When Elvis Presley’s Christmas Album was released many where opposed, since it wasn’t a traditional way of singing Christmas songs, with lyrics like: “Driving a big black Cadillac instead of arriving in a sleigh.”

We are doing the same thing here with giving Mono recordings a new way of listing to it, more appealing to the new younger listener.

Are there already releases on the market with 3DMono Technology?

Not officially, we only used it in minor projects to adjust the sound of a damaged recording.

How does the 3DM Technology work?

The 3D Mono technology stands for a 3 dimensional sound. It is mono but we spread open the frequencies. Making it possible to create some kind of separate channels within the mono recording.

With that you have a certain freedom to move the various instruments and giving them their own EQ. We offer the techniques to spread it and correct them, in the end the producer and engineer can decide how it should sound.

Can 3DM Technology be used for other purposes?

Yes sure, you can give seriously a more vivid feeling to live or stereo recordings. Or as we like to call it, to add some extra Mojo.

For recording artists it is great because when they have already laid down single tracks for a mix and decided to need stereo tracks instead. The sound engineer only needs to double the tracks and we change with our 3DMono technique the tracks differently. It gives a lot of freedom within the mixing domain.

This could save a lot of time and hassle, when you already have the perfect recording and don‘t want to do it over again!


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