Mastering technologies

CD, vinyl and mp3 mastering:

It is no secret, that the right mastering is important for any sound recording. The right mastering is not only momentous for the sound experience of the listener - it´s also important to increase sales on business.

Mastering is like a science and to get the best result it´s important to work together with specialists. Not only different formats, also different genres and habits needs accommodated editing’s to get the right individual mastering for the specific track.

3DMono is working together with several mastering studios in United States & Europe and carefully selects the right mastering studio for each client assignment.

Why is a "master" better than a "transfer?" A transfer sounds just 
like your original recording, whereas a master is your original recording optimized!
 Since many companies offer "transfer" services and charge extra 
for separate tracks and noise reduction, we felt it helpful to 
point out what our "mastering" includes.
A digital recording is made of your audio
, noise, hum & hiss are removed from the recording
. The recording is then "normalized" to achieve maximum volume without distortion
. The recording is then edited into separate tracks.

Our editing is done "by hand" and "by ear," your tracks separations will be where you expect them to be!
 Other manipulations may be required to improve the sound such as "Harmonic Enhancement", "Compression" "Microphone Rumble filter" "Graphic Equalizer" 
"Click & Pop removal" or "Fade Outs." 
Your audio conversion will include any of the above mentioned techniques necessary.


Below a sample. First part is the plain version and second part is the restored and remastered version.

A:Original B:Restored and Remastered Sample - Blue Suede Shoes
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