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3D mono stands for the depth you hear within the mono recording if we use our 3DMono technique.

The pure sound of a mono recording made transparent and sounding like it was recorded today.

3D-mono technology unlocks the possibility to match the sound of today's recordings. This is still mono but fits seemingly with today's recordings and it's natural and rich sound. 3D-MONO technology offers revolutionary new possibilities to the music industry and gives new life to old music catalogs. This will make it much easier to present a fresh sounding compilation of old and recent recordings.

The sound of 3D-mono maintains the natural characteristics with noticeable details and is the best to be compared with modern acoustic recordings. Listen and you’ll be amazed. This extraordinary technology can also be used for live or stereo recordings to boost the audience sound experience. Or as we like to say; ”For that little extra Mojo”.

Breathing New Life into Mono recordings..That’s 3DMono Technology

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